How To Choose The Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand


Aquarium stand is a needed item for big tank like 55 gallon aquarium. If you want to find out the best 55 gallon fish tank stand, here is what you need to know.

You have put a lot of effort to starting a 55 gal fish tank, right? Only one more step to finish this setup stage: Buying the best 55 gallon fish tank stand.

We list out some latest suggestions so that you can decide which available 55 gallon aquarium stand you will need faster. In case you have more requirements for a tank stand, go through the second part to know all factors you need to notice. It will help you easily choose a perfect 55 gallon fish tank stand for your house.


Best 55 gallon aquarium stand in 2020

1. Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium 55 Gallons Stand with Moisture Resistant Powder Coated Top Base and Door

Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium 55 Gallons Stand

This 55 gallon tank stand consists of some perfect and entire top assistance for all types of fish tanks. The product can possess the hinged doors, which turn it to become convenient for concealing the canister sumps, filters, and other fish tank components as well.

The base or top and even door are saturated withstand as well as powder-coated for additional prevention from the feasible aquatic bad effects which can happen. Next, it is more convenient for assembling as well. Thus, you could pick up the favorite color for the opposite door.

On top of it, this version arrives along with the black color onto the first side and some cherries onto the other sides at all. Moreover, the texture of the Aqua Culture Delux fish tank stand is designed for beautiful appearances.

This version is a bit pricey, but it is worth purchasing as well, because the material of this version is derived from the high-class quality at all. Last but not the least, the fish tank stand does not possess some alternated feet for taking control and keeping track of degrees like the other version above.

The main features

  • This product is convenient for assembling
  • It can assist along with the entire top as well.
  • This version supports the double door and the opposite door.
  • It owns the saturated endurable powder coat.
  • It can optimize storage space.
  • We make sure that you can find it challenging to alter the adjustable feet for any leveling control.
  • It is a bit pricey, so that it can be difficult for you to grab this high-quality product in the future.

2. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand, 55 Gallons

2. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand, 55 Gallons

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal fish aquarium stand is the other fabulous choice on our list at this moment. We can guarantee that you will love it so much.

The first thing you should care about is the material of this version; this 55 gallon aquarium stand is produced along from the perfect or long-lasting sturdy metal. In other words, the product represents some alternated feet that can help you change the degree of this fish tank stand as well.

On top of it, when it comes to the design, this model is a bit state of the art appearance and could be suitable for a lot of various home internal decorations. Moreover, it could be utilized for both your lovely house and your company as well. As for the glass of this fish tank stand, it is created along with the high-class quality glass since it owns the edge assistance at all.

Next, we will move on to the cost of this 55 gallon fish tank stand; it is not pricey at all and is praised for being strong or sturdy as well. The assembly process is very convenient for you to complete in a short time. However, it is considered to indicate a gap along with the top assembly spots.

The main features

  • This version is affordable for users who do not have a good financial condition.
  • Its perfect style and texture can make you allured or fascinated a lot.
  • This 55 gal tank stand can help you find it easy for controlling the adjustable feet
  • It is easier and convenient for you to carry out the assembling process as well.
  • This model leaves some gaps along with the top after you finish the assembly process at all.
  • The edge assistance is not nice for some users.

3. Caitec TitanEze Aquarium Stand 55 Gal

Caitec TitanEze Aquarium Stand 55 Gal.

This fish tank stand is perhaps the most effective among all the fish tank ones, which you should be cautious about our list. On the other hand, this one is utilized for keeping or holding around double fish aquariums very well.

Besides, this product can represent the sturdy metal design which could offer you the external assistance for the state of the art edges. However, it does not support the entire help for the bottom, which is requested to resist the acrylic fish aquariums.

Apart from it, the double fish aquariums could weigh around 55 Gallons. However, the size of this version could fit for the lower part as well. The unique thing about this version is that it can not require more space when you put some stuff in the tiny room. As a result, it could assist you in dealing with double fish aquariums for the cost of the single stand at all.

The main features

  • It can take less floor space along with the fish tank stand. In other words, this one could keep the mixture of double fish tanks or cages and other pet’s environment.
  • This stronger fish tank stand is a fashionable way to show up your lovely pet, with regarding it is the dog, fish, or other tiny animals as well. Moreover, the décor swirl in the front can put more the perfect contact and is suitable for some types of your home decoration.
  • Some clients claim that they enjoy and like the assembly procedure at all. Because there are no tools that are compulsory for requesting during your assembling process.
  • The base and top shelves could make your pets such as cats, dogs, and fish feel great since they can keep each hold one fish tank. 

4. Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand (55 Gallon, Black)

Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand 55 Gallon

What installs this fish tank stand unique is that it does not assist the fish one in the corners at all. In other words, this version is a sturdy or stronger top fish tank stand and even provides you with each square inch of the fish aquarium’s bottom as well.

Besides, it can show us that this Aquatic fundamentals fish tank stand can assist a wide range of some other fish tanks comprising tinier, circular fish aquariums which do not own some corners with the suitable areas (other corners as well)

On the top of it, when it comes to the material of this model, this fish tank stand is made from the leading quality by utilizing the stainless metal alloy for locking cam setting up procedure at all. Moreover, it is quite distinctive and can be used for a long time, compared to other various affordable fish tank stands on the list at this time. Because some producers cut down the cost and make the most of wood screws as well as glue for their manufacturing process.

Last but not least, this fish aquarium stand can feature dual like a storage drawer inside as well. The users have to push the front panel, and it represents a magnetic door. Besides, users will possess lots of space for their additional accessories. As soon as a door is closed, we make sure that you could obtain the alluring fish tank stand, which can meet your needs at all. 

The main features

  • This version is more convenient and easier for assembling because some components are indicated, and the manual guide sheet arrives along with the handy tips.
  • This model is so nice as well.
  • The quality of this product is outstanding
  • The room bottom is a bit convenient with a perfect door. 

5. Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage

5. Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage

The final version that we would like to carry to you is Aquarium stand with storage. Here is a state of the art fish tank stand from the Aquatic Brand. Moreover, it arrives along with a saturated endurable powder coating as well. However, you need to stay calm and do not worry about the quality of water splashed above its surface or guarantee to clean it carefully.

When it comes to the fashionable structure, this one displays the open shelves for double sides and the middle parts at all. On the other hand, it is utilized for keeping in-store you fish tank items and even the plain stuff. This one can represent the metal to the locking cam, which offers a long period of usage for your fish tank stand.

On top of it, the fish tank stand is a great buddy for you when you need the unique styles of version as well as delicate internal home decoration. Lastly, this one arrives along with other fantastic features, and the price is reasonable to grab.

As for the material of this product, we make sure that you can enjoy it a lot since it is made from the leading quality material. Therefore, you can make the best use of it without worrying too much about its malfunction as well.

The main features

  • This version is affordable to purchase.
  • You can find it easy for assembling.
  • This product arrives along with the huge open shelves for great storage.
  • It can display the metal alloy locking assemble mechanism.
  • This product owns a state of the art texture, which make your internal home decoration perfect.
  • The shelves of this version can help you hold some of the fish tank items along with the arms reach as well. 

Guide On Choosing A 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

You will definitely need a 55 gallon fish tank stand to uphold your 625 pounds aquarium. That’s a huge number which we believe no table or other type’s stand in your house can bare it for a long time.

Having a 55 gallon aquarium stand also means that you can have a nice place to protect your tank, and receive extra advantages as well. Check these following factors to find out the best 55 gallon fish tank stand for your fish aquarium.

1. Do you need storage on the 55 gallon fish tank stand

It’s one of the benefit when having a 55 gallon aquarium stand. Storage has various types, for example, drawers, shelves, and doors to help organizing your fish related items.

You can hide the fish tank sump in the storage. Other things like fish food, aquarium test kit, thermometer, pump system, etc. and maybe other decorating items can be stored in your stand’s storage. Some of the storages have place to hold or let the cable go through to plug in the outlet, which is more convenient to maintain your fish tank.

What if you don’t want a storage in your 55 gallon fish tank stand? Don’t worry, there are beautiful 55 gal tank stands without storage available on the market for you to choose.

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2. What should a 55 gallon fish tank stand be made of

From the best aquarium stand choosing guide, we recommend particleboard, wood and metal as the most common material using for tank stand.

With 55 gallon aquarium stands, plastic will never be a choice for you. Plastic aquarium stand is the one that has lowest cost, but we cannot assure for its durable, especially when you’re going to have a 55 gallon fish tank. Your plastic stand can be broken at any time, and that means your aquarium is in danger.

Other material might work better.

Start with a metal aquarium stand. People usually create a 55 gallon fish tank stand from stainless steel, which makes the stand stronger, heavier and also last longer. Stainless steel tank stand has a modern feeling in its visual. Plus, it has a powder coat to protect the steel quality, as well as prevent all the rust and corrosion might happen with your tank.

The next option is MDF, or particleboard fish tank stand. This type of 55 gallon aquarium stand is lighter, in both weight and cost. You can build the fish tank stand easily by yourself if it’s made of particleboard, and that will reduce the effort when you want to setup the stand, or disassemble and move it to a new place. This material is also known for durability and long term using as well.

The last one is wood aquarium stand. It’s vintage, it’s good looking and it’s durable. The wooden fish tank stand is suitable with your house appearance most of the time.

They’re usually big and have extra space for storing things. One more thing, the wood aquarium stand that made of natural wood is much heavier compare to other materials.

These are not the only reason to decide which material is the best for your 55 gallon fish tank stand, you should consider it along with other factors below also.

3. Should a 55 gallon fish tank stand has door or not

First, it will depend on your aesthetic. A 55 fish tank stand will look stunning with or without doors. You can choose the one that has door to cover your stuff easily, but if you want to use the storage to display things, the without door stand will be better.

It’s based on your family members as well. If you have kids or pets, other pets like cat or dog beside your fish, 55 gallon aquarium stand with door is a more suitable choice. It can protect what you stored inside, and no need to worry if your kids or pets can mess things up.

For this reason, the material is also important because a strong and heavy stand, with non-slippery feet will receive less affection if your kids and pets are playing around, and accidentally bump in the stand. In conclusion, stainless steel and wood is a better than particleboard in this case.

4. Where will you place the 55 gallon fish tank stand

Most of the time, people will place the 55 aquarium stand inside their house, but that does not mean placing it outside is impossible. If you decide to put it outside your house, you must think more about the stand material and the weather in your place.

Your 55 gallon fish tank stand must survive through the sun, the snow, and the rain. You need to choose the material that has waterproof, and will not be destroy if it stays under the sun for a long time. Make sure you build something to cover protect it from all the weather conditions, so that your tank can last longer.

Beside, stainless steel 55 gallon fish tank stand has heat conductivity, which can increase or decrease the tank water temperature in a short time if it stays directly outside, and affect your fish health. Therefore, when you have proper protection, steel and particle can work outdoor.

Same with the wood aquarium stand, don’t let them too wet or warm because it will reduce the stand quality through time. Cover it and things will be fine, especially when you place usually have a nice weather.

5. How much is ideal for your budget

Wood and steel will cost higher than particleboard 55 gallon fish tank stand. Other things like design, weight, color, shipping fee, storage type, brand, etc. will also affect the final price. Consider your 55 gallon aquarium stand option to fit with your budget is a must before deciding to buy one.

DIY aquarium stand might cost different as well since you can eliminate some elements to reduce the cost and work by yourself, or spend some more to have extra function for the best 55 gallon aquarium stand you need.

There are 55 gallon aquarium stand plans free on the Internet, you can take a look and start building your own 55 gal aquarium stand.


With a heavy tank like this, you need to find a 55 gallon fish tank stand that is strong enough to uphold it. All the factors that you should care about when choosing the best 55 gallon aquarium stand are material, price, and usage. Hope you can use those tips above to prepare the best stand for your lovely fish.

Please like and share this information if you find it useful. We’re really happy to help you on your new journey with a beautiful 55 gallon fish aquarium. In case you need more help, don’t be hesitate to contact us.

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