How To Choose The Best 10/20 Gallon Fish Tank Stand


A small fish tank is lighter than other sizes, so you only need to apply these tips when choosing the best 10 gallon fish tank stand or 20 gallon fish tank stand, and your fish’s house will be safe.

Starting with small size fish tank is a good choice for beginners. 10 gallon fish tank and 20 gallon fish tank need all the maintaining activities as others, and the equipment as well. You might think about getting a tank stand for your aquarium, but just take any product available without carefully checking about its size, and features can lead to a weak stand that your fish will not love.

You want all the best for your fish, so do us. That’s why we are providing you some best 10 gallon fish tank stand and 20 gallon fish tank stand, along with all the tips for you to get a clearer vision of which stand your fish tank will need.


Our Top Rated: Best 10/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand In 2020

1. Ollie & Hutch Ameriwood Home Flipper 10/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Rustic Oak


Another product that we want to bring to you is Ollie and Hutch. In other words, this one can turn your room to be exciting and excellent as well. The fishtank stand is capable of altering from the 10 gallon aquarium stand to 20 gallon aquarium stand based on your fish aquarium dimension. On top of it, we hope that you can select the best one that meets your demands or flip this fish tank stand to the precise platform.

Next, the 20 gallon fish tank stand owns a huge fish aquarium assistance, whereas the 10 gallon fish tank stand possesses a tinier one. On the other hand, your fish aquariums can be placed very well from the ledge to the other side as well. However, the fish tank cannot consist of some item which is both flexible and permits users to make the home decoration. Moreover, it can assist in concealing the fish aquarium components.

Apart from it, the platforms and tops are completed along with tiered appearance, offering them a perfect decoration without caring about what way you flip this fish tank stand. This aquarium stand has MDF lamination and other particleboard as its making material.

Besides, the fish tank stand could display a middle dark woodgrain complete, which could be combined along with some style and other decorations as well. Finally, the

The main features

  • This product can obtain the fish tank stand which meets your demands
  • It is produced from MDF material, or the middle brown woodgrain can offer the perfect look.
  • The particular texture can assist for both 10 gallons for one end and 20 gallons for the other side. This tank is not supported as well.
  • The concealed preservation could keep some of your hygiene devices and other related stuff. 

2. Ollie & Hutch Ameriwood Home Flipper 10/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Ivory Oak


This fish tank stand is a great choice for you at this moment. Because this one can meet your demands with the standard 10/20 gallon fish tank stand as well. Besides, it is produced from the MDF laminated material along with some other particles. The white woodgrain complete can provide the classical stand with hygiene appearance.

When it comes to the perfect patent texture, it can assist along with 10 gallon aquarium stand above one end. The other like 20 gallon aquarium stand is placed on the reversible side. The tank is definitely not supported as well.

Apart from it, the top and base are designed along with some great look which can offer you a perfect decoration with regardless of what stuff you flip to the stand. Last but not least, the fish tank stand can convey to the door and adds some assembly on the opening when needed. There are two modes for convenient assembly at all. The dimension of this fish tank stand can be around 28.03” H x 25” W x 15.67” D.

The main features

  • The warranty for this fish tank stand is one year
  • The fish tank stand can move the flat to your door and double components for the entire assembly. Next, the stand can assist 10-gallon tanks within 120 lbs. The others are utilized around 240 lbs as well.
  • This product has easy opening, and the concealed preservation might keep some of your nets, hygiene components, and other food.
  • The special fabulous texture can help you with 10-gallon stand on the first end. The 20-gallon stand is put on the reversible end as well. Like this product above, this aquarium is not supported as well.
  • When it comes to the material of this version, you can be satisfied because this material is so durable at all.

3. Ameriwood Aquarium Stand

Ameriwood Aquarium Stand-20 gallon hexagon aquarium stand

This fish tank stand is seen as the most perfect 20 gallons aquarium stand on the market at this time because of this version’s flexibility of assisting for both ten and 20-gallon aquarium as well. In other words, it is derived from the Home Flipper brand so that you could be confident to get all the advantage without worrying too much about its usage.

When it comes to appearance, the fish tank stand seems great with double ends or even offers the user the alternative of a fish aquarium from 120 pounds to 240 pounds. Besides, the stand is made of the thick fiberboard as well as completed along with the black woodgrain shape.

Next, you can place the base and the top that have tiered textures. Therefore, this fish aquarium stand cannot seem similar to one end, which is more fabulous than other various products.

Apart from it, regardless of some ways you make a stand, there are dual open shelves in which you could perform some decorative pieces of stuff and other similar items as well.

Moreover, the detachable cabinet space is huge enough for keeping in-store the fish tank and other terrarium components at all. It could maintain them to be perfect or out of your control as well. Next, once the 20 gallon fish tank stand is finished, the cabinet can open right away from the right position. Meanwhile, the 10 gallon fish tank stand is completed, the cabinet could open from the reverse side, exactly from the left.

When it comes to the assembly of this version, it is compulsory to put this one altogether as well.

The main features

  • This product possesses dual ends, which might be utilized for keeping a fish aquarium tightly.
  • It can assist from 120 pounds to 240 pounds as well
  • It has double shelves.

4. Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand - for 20 Gallon Aquariums

Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand - for 20 Gallon Aquariums

The next version that we would like to introduce to you is Imagitarium Newport. On the other hand, even though this stand is fundamental and easy along with its texture, it is difficult to oversee and glances your eyes right away. This one is seen as the state of the art fish tank stand, which is suitable for some newbies or fish tanks’ purchasers as well. In other words, it is perfect for those who need to hold some convenient stuff at all. As for this fish aquarium stand’s texture, this could make you satisfied, and your residing space spring along with the sedentary life.

On top of it, this fish tank stand is produced from the pinewood, which represents that it is sturdy and can last longer, compared to other fish tank stands. Moreover, we highly recommend that you could not worry about this fish aquarium stand could be quickly ruined from the sewage or disgusting smell water into your fish tank. When it comes to the black finish, it is quite portable and utilized along with some home decors as well. This black one could stand up in some rooms.

Last but not the least, with the assistance of the texture of stand, users could put a 20 gallon fish tank on the top shelf and bottom shelf as well. As a result, this bottom one is an excellent area for a tinier aquarium at all.

The main features

  • This version’s stand is around 20 Gallon wooden stand
  • The size of this stand is 24.75″ L X 12.75″ W X 30.25″ H
  • This product is perfect for the typical dimension of the fish tank
  • The feet are able to alter for improving the height, which is covered by nylon as well.
  • The assembly of this fishtank stand is fast and convenient, thanks to the user manual guide. 

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing 10/20 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

Do you need to buy an aquarium stand for small tank?

Many beginners starting with a nano tank or 5 gallon fish tank might not think about getting a fish tank stand, but the one owning 10 or 20 gallon tank should start considering it.
Here are some reasons why you should have a 10/20 gallon fish tank stand:

  • A 10 gallon fish tanks stand or 20 gallon fish tank stand can match perfectly with its tank size.
  • You will have a space to store fish food and other items in the tank’s storage.
  • You can easily move and place it anywhere you want.
  • Your aquarium will have a better appearance

Can you use the table or TV and coffee stand?

Usually, if you have a super small aquarium with less weight, you won’t worry much about the aquarium stand. Most people think they can reduce the cost and put the fish tank on any flat, strong place in their house, like a table or a TV stand.

To clarify about its possibility, your table or other furniture that you use to handling the fish tank might not able to bear the whole tank weight. Table, coffee stand, etc. are only capable for 50 pounds in general. Normal 10-gallon tank weights about 111 lbs., and 20-gallon tank weights 225 lbs. That is why getting a 10 gallon aquarium stand or 20 gallon aquarium stand is important.

Therefore, you should not choose any furniture to hold the tank instead of a quality 10/20 gallon fish tank stand.

Which material is better for 10/20 gallon fish tank stand?

We’ve mentioned in choosing best aquarium stand tutorial that particleboard, plywood and metal are the most popular material for making a fish tank stand.

With 10/20 gallon aquarium stand, particleboard can be a good choice, since it has lower price, is easier to setup and quite durable as well. Another choice is metal fish tank stand, with material like stainless steel, is better to go with your tank in long term.

You can also check the wood aquarium stand for 10/20 gallon fish tank stand, natural wood will take its visual on to another level. Otherwise, wood aquarium stand will cost more and sometime can be affected by the water, so consider it carefully if you want to have one.

Should you choose a 10/20 gallon fish tank with storage?

While we always appreciate the storage in a 10/20 gallon aquarium stand, somebody does not actually love that because it can catch other’s attention more than the tank if you choose a big and colorful type of storage. Besides, some aquarium stand designs can’t not enhance the storage ability that makes it cost more but less usage because of the small size of a 10/20 gallon fish tank stand.

Think again about its benefit, the storage can have many space and shelves hidden behind the door, which is a wonderful place to keep lots of things. All the fish food and small related items like aquarium test kit, etc. can stay in the aquarium stand.

For any case that you don’t like having the storage in your 10/20 gallon fish tank stand, there are many simple and elegant designs for this without a storage, and then you’ll find your best 10/20 gallon aquarium stand.

Will 10/20 gallon fish tank stands look good in your house?

Your 10/20 gallon aquarium stand can affect your house’s decoration and appearance due to its design.

You might want your aquarium stand to be notably when someone comes to your house, or might want it to fit well with the house’s visual. It is based on the 10/20 fish tank stand color, material and design.

A metal fish tank stand probably does not go well with wood furniture, vice versa. A multi-color aquarium stand will hit different in a house with neutral tone. So, it’s all your aesthetic to decide which is better.

Besides, don’t forget to notice which aquarium stand is for 20 gallon long fish tank, and 20 gallon high fish tank. Typically they will work for both type, but there’re some product might not totally fit in. Check with the seller first to make sure you get the best aquarium stand.


These are the needed information for any beginner to setup the best fish tank stand for their fish. 10 gallon fish tank stand or 20 gallon fish tank stand also require the effort and quality assurance to be able to protect your aquarium. Update all the tips above, remember to think about size, material and design, we believe you can pick the best 10/20 aquarium stand right away.

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